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A smile is one of person’s biggest assets. A bright, dazzling smile can brighten up any room and make people stop and take notice.

Dental Services

Pain management treatments
⁃ Fillings

Surgical approach to dental treatment
⁃ Non surgical Extractions
⁃ Surgical extractions
⁃ Maxillofacial surgery
⁃ Grafting
⁃ Implants

Counseling of tobacco intervention

Oral rehabilitation with Conventional approach
⁃ Crowns
⁃ Bridges
⁃ Implants
⁃ Complete dentures

Smile designing by visible and invisible solutions
⁃ braces
⁃ Clear aligners

Pediatric counseling and care
⁃ Orthodontic and Prosthodontic treatment
⁃ Extractions

Management of oral cancer
⁃ surgical interventions
⁃ Pallative care
⁃ Treatment of Oral submucous fibrosis

Smile makeover by cosmetic dentistry
⁃ Veneers

Periodontal care

⁃ Scaling